Top 3 apps to download music for free on Android

There are several sites that offer online music download options. However, these services are usually not free. However, for a number of years now, there has been an increased development of applications that allow free music downloads. In this article, we give you the top 3 apps to download free music of your choice.


In terms of quantity and quality of music to download, SoundCloud offers you an XXL service. It has the advantage of having in its database, a panoply of independent artists, little or not known, who take advantage of the solutions offered to make themselves better known. So you can discover songs that you have never heard before. But on SoundCloud you also have the hits of well-known and popular artists available for free download. The amount of music available on this application is not comparable to that of competing download platforms. There are more than 200 million songs. The variety of sounds on SoundCloud is also a great advantage. You can choose from freestyles, remixes, DJ performances and more. If you want to discover new artists, this is the app for you.


With a variety of more than 600,000 songs available for free download, Jamendo stands out as one of the leaders in its field. This means you can enjoy the music of your choice without having to pay a penny. The advantage here is that unlike many applications that offer free services, Jamendo does not overwhelm you with ads that disturb you during your various downloads. To take advantage of the services of this application, all you have to do is create an account. This is the only requirement to access the songs of your choice.

Audials Play

This application, which is making its way in the world of music downloads, takes a very particular approach. You can download an incredible amount of music, but it will come directly from the radio. Audials Play has over 100,000 radio channels available in MP3 and AAC format. In addition, you will be able to listen to more than 260,000 podcasts from different countries. With this application, you can also record entire programmed and listen to them again later, even offline. Using the Audials Play application is quite convenient for downloads.

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